The Fleet

At MIRC we are lucky enough to own an extensive fleet of more than seventy boats from our top Filippi 8+ through to Mondego training sculls for the absolute beginner.

All club owned boats are available to be used by all members subject to certain restrictions imposed to preserve boats from damage and prolong their lifespan. Boats are designed for specific crew weights and there are also different  versions of boats depending upon their required usage. In particular the top racing boats are generally more fragile and so are restricted as to whom may use these. Use of boats is determined by the Director of Rowing, in conjunction with the Rowing Committee, so if you have any doubt about being able to use a boat please ask first. The online boat booking system (see website links page) details whether boats have restrictions on their use.

This allows the club to share equipment but to protect its assets by spreading the use of boats amongst ability. We do however understand that equipment breaks and gets accidentally damaged. If a breakage happen please report it to the boat master (see club contacts page) via email and this will allow us to maintain our fleet. 

The majority of the club’s oars are made by Concept 2 and are set to certain lengths and inboards which help tailor for an extensive and varied group of athletes from U14 girls and Masters to high performance rowers. 

Our gym has a range of free weights some fixed weight lifting machines, and twelve concept 2 rowing ergometers. The free weights should only be used by members who have been instructed in their use and when more than one member is present.

 Finally at the club we do offer limited racking for private rowing boats where a racking fee is payable and varies depending on type of boat and location.


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